More Than A Mouthful

December 10-16

Lafayette dentists searching for ultimate makeover candidate

If the terms calculus, cementum and supernumerary teeth don’t easily roll off your tongue, don’t be alarmed. Simply knowing the clinical definitions of such dental terms is of little consequence when it comes to helping allay the concerns many people have about their teeth, and in turn their smiles. That’s where Drs. Gordon West and Gregory Keene of Lafayette’s Centaur Dental hope to make a difference for one lucky person as they unveil the Ultimate Smile Makeover contest.

Following on the heels of national makeover programs where people have enjoyed life-changing transformations, Drs. West and Keene, in conjunction with a group of Lafayette and Erie businesses, in January plan to name one lucky winner and provide an extreme smile makeover worth up to $20,000. “We are looking to give someone a real boost and just help them out in the ways we know we can,” Dr. West explained recently. “If that means helping out with some bridges or applying veneers, we are going to do it. We’re ready to do what it takes.” Dr. West, who recently enjoyed his very own smile makeover with the application of veneers on eight of his top teeth, added that he hopes whoever wins this ultimate makeover can enjoy the many advances in cosmetic dentistry that are available today. “It’s funny when people come in to see us and talk about makeover shows they have seen on television, many of them comment about how amazing dentistry is. They often say: ‘Isn’t it amazing what they can do out in Hollywood with those people’s teeth?’ Well, we’re doing that stuff right here in Lafayette, Colo., and we’re changing people’s lives.”

In their quest to change people’s lives, the local dentists are accepting applications for the Ultimate Smile Makeover Contest. Currently, Drs. West and Keene are taking applications. Or, people wishing to apply in person may visit Centaur Dental at 1140 South Boulder Road, suite 201. As 2003 draws to a close, the pool of applicants will be judged and some applicants will be interviewed to discuss their reasons for seeking a smile makeover.

The winner will be announced in January and the work will begin on providing a true smile makeover. In addition to the dentistry provided by Drs. West and Keene, the lucky winner also will receive a day of pampering as they are taken by A1 Limo Service from their home to Lafayette’s 95th Street Salon for a hair and makeup treatment. The winner also will receive some herbal treatments, courtesy of Lafayette’s Herbal Essentials. From there, the winner will then visit Gary the Photographer in Lafayette for a celebratory photo shoot. Capping off the makeover transformation, the winner will enjoy a feast at Lafayette’s Magnolia Restaurant. “It’s going to be so encouraging to help someone start the new year off with a new smile,” Dr. West said. “We thought this would be a wonderful way to help change someone’s life and give them something to truly celebrate with the new year.” For more information about the Ultimate Smile Makeover contest call 303-665-5578.