Boulder Porcelain Veneers

Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon West, and my practice is called Gordon West DDS, Aesthetic & General Dentistry. Welcome to my dental blog. Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about a common dental service we offer at our Boulder area cosmetic dental office: porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are one of our most popular and requested dental procedures. This service involves permanently bonding translucent veneers to a patients teeth in order improve the appearance of the teeth. Veneers are helpful for fixing chips, gaps and discoloration of teeth. Prepless veneers are another service we offer. This option provides the same results as porcelain veneers, but does not alter the tooth structure. We specialize in porcelain and prepless veneers, as well as in many other cosmetic dentistry procedures for our Boulder area residents. If you are looking for a local dental practice that is skilled in a wide variety of smile makeover techniques, I encourage you to visit Gordon West DDS, Aesthetic & General Dentistry.

Our staff offers state-of-the-art dental care in a comfortable environment, and we are ready to help you better understand your options for all your cosmetic, implant and sedation dentistry needs.

You can find us at 1140 W South Boulder Rd, Ste 201 in Lafayette, Colorado. Or on the web at

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I look forward to seeing you.

-Dr. Gordon West