Laser Dentistry

Modern Dental Laser Technology In Boulder

dental laser technology in Lafayette, CO and Boulder

Laser dentistry is just one way technology has made advancements in dentistry. Laser dentistry can make your treatment feel more comfortable, resulting in efficient treatment and faster healing time.

One of the greatest benefits, other than increasing your comfort during procedures, is that laser dentistry allows detect tooth decay earlier. We can get started on restoration treatment before the small issue becomes a big problem.

laser dentistry in Lafayette, CO and Boulder


The CO2 dental laser is one of the top lasers on the market for treating your gums. The CO2 dental laser also allows more control, precision, and energy. It even includes a built-in digital feedback system.

With our CO2 dental laser, we can perform a variety of treatments on your gums and restore your gum health to the best possible level, all with ease and efficiency.


dental laser with the best dentist in BoulderThe Diagnodent is one of the newest developments in laser dentistry in the past decade. The Diagnodent dental laser can help us find health issues with teeth early on to allow us time to find better treatment options.

If a cavity has already started to form, this laser will allow Dr. West to preserve more of your natural tooth and make fillings last longer. Ultimately Diagnodent decreases the chance of tooth sensitivity and can give you a stronger, healthier tooth armed with a treatment to help it resist future problems.

Boulder dentist in Lafayette, CO


Laser diodes are remarkably versatile. Our soft-tissue laser diode enables Dr. Johns to make precision slits in gum tissue, eliminates bleeding during treatment, and reduces healing time. Our diode lasers also help Dr. Johns in sterilizing root canals and treating periodontal (gum) disease.

For our patients, the laser diode allows a more comfortable dental visit with a reduced healing time, so they can get back to enjoying their lives!

Benefits of Laser-Dentistry

Although we love the way laser dentistry helps us in the treatment process, we love the benefits for patients even more! Laser dentistry can:

  • Give you the optimal amount of comfort because treatment is often painless.
  • Help your mouth heal quickly after an easy treatment.
  • Accurately diagnose and treat your oral health issues to ensure optimal results.

Come and experience the difference modern laser dentistry can make in your oral health!
Laser dentistry and gum reshaping patient in Boulder

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