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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Permanent Dentures For Boulder Patients

We might say this a lot, but dental implants are truly an incredible dental technology. Dental implants are a functional and versatile implant dentistry treatment we offer to our patients who are missing teeth.
Full Arch Permanent Dentures Lafayette CO - Boulder County Smiles

Our office serves clients from the Longmont and Lafayette CO areas and offers full arch replacement options. Instead of the false teeth your grandparents had, you can enjoy secure, natural-looking permanent dentures that fit into your lifestyle! Implant supported dentures may change the way you think about dentures.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are a thing of the past now that we have the benefits of dental implants. We can pair dentures with implants for a tooth replacement option that will improve your health and lifestyle. With implant supported dentures, you can:

  • Forget Embarrassment | Permanent dentures can save you the embarrassment of having your dentures fall out when you’re with friends or family. Traditional dentures can slip when you talk, and you have to worry about hiding a gummy smile when your false teeth are soaking at night.
  • Permanent Implant Dentures Lafayette CO - Boulder County Smiles

  • Eat What You Want | Implant supported dentures are attached to your gums, using dental implants as an anchor. This means you can eat the foods you love without worrying whether your denture adhesive is strong enough to hold your denture in place. Permanent dentures allow you to eat, laugh, chew, and smile with complete confidence.
  • Lose the Glass | For the most part, your implant supported dentures don’t need special care. Regular brushing and flossing can keep your permanent dentures clean. You no longer need to pull the false teeth out and soak them in a glass full of cleaning solution at night!
  • Have Better Bone Density | When you are missing teeth, the supportive tissue around the teeth begins to deteriorate which can lead to sagging facial structure. Permanent dentures utilize dental implants, which replace your natural tooth roots when placed in the jaw. Dental implants can slow or prevent bone loss.
  • Enjoy a Permanent Replacement | Dental implants are permanent tooth root replacements that can provide a stable anchor for your implant supported dentures for a lifetime.

Dental implants can make dentures an exciting option.

Come Meet Our Dentists Today!

False teeth don’t need to be a horror story or constant embarrassment with today’s dental technology. Meet with Dr. West or Dr. Johns today to find out more about our full arch replacement.

Our Lafayette CO dentist office is conveniently located for our Boulder and Longmont patients, so call today to see what implant supported dentures can do for you!