What Patients Say

“Boulder County Smiles was able to not only straighten my front teeth, but also correct my bite & correct a gap. I am very satisfied with the work that Boulder County Smiles provided.”
—Jeane, Lafayette, Co.

“Your office is a happy, pleasant environment. I had root canals, crowns, & crown build ups. My dental work was beyond my highest expectations. Now I am smiling again. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. I referred my whole family to you as new patients.”
—Tom Cable

“I am completely satisfied with the attention and care I received and would highly recommend Boulder County Smiles to anyone. The doctors insist on extensive training for themselves and their staff in all the latest methods and procedures. This training and the latest equipment made me confident I was receiving exceptional care.”

“I LOVE MY TEETH!!!! For anyone who is considering having porcelain crowns or veneers, please believe me when I say that the benefits far outweigh any cost. The service and attention that I received from Boulder County Smiles was awesome. My beautiful smile is an undeniable tribute to their skill and workmanship. I LOVE MY TEETH!!!!”
—Kaye Johnson

“Dr. Gordon West is one of the most knowledgeable, gifted and caring men I have ever worked with. Dr. West and his team made my visits not only comfortable but even something worth looking forward to. I highly recommend Boulder County Smiles. They truly do care enough to give their very best to you.”
—Very Rev. Robert L. Amundsen, V.F., Pastor

“I have had some interesting responses from friends & peers since the completion of my ‘new smile’. Some ask if I’ve lost weight, changed my hair, and what are you doing different , you look so great? Personally, I’ve noticed that I just simply smile more. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. Please know that I am out here, showing off my ‘new smile’ and I am very pleased with it.”
—Penny Anderson

“Over the past several years, Dr. West worked not only to save my teeth, but also to enhance their appearance. These procedures involved complex and delicate treatments. Dr. West has the skills to perform these tasks and he also cares that the patient understands what is happening throughout the procedures. Whether you have good teeth or ones that need some help, I can not think of a better dental office to care for your teeth than Boulder County Smiles.”
—Greg Lefferdink

“I cannot say enough about the caring and understanding Dr. West and staff showed me during this difficult time. Dr. West truly understood what I was experiencing and was determined to provide me with the necessary treatment that would restore my overall health.”
—Marcia, Lousiville, CO

“This has been a wonderful experience and I could not be happier with the results (regarding deep bleaching). Prior to working with Dr. West I had tried traditional bleaching products, dental trays, and Zoom whitening without success. I would highly recommend Dr. West and the deep bleaching process if you want top results!”
—Harriet Pea, Colorado

“WOW, I didn’t even realize how bad my teeth were before this transformation! I feel so comfortable and confident with this amazing smile. Thanks Dr. West. All of you guys are so awesome, you make my visit to the dentist alot easier than it has been in the past for me. Lots of great energy and genuine care”
—Donna, Superior, Co.

“As a person with lifelong dental problems I have had a great amount of interaction with dentists and oral surgeons. After having all my teeth extracted at age 49 I was referred to Dr. West to discuss dental implants after being told I would not be a good candidate due to severe bone loss. Dr. West’s standard of care so far exceeded any other care I had ever received and the procedure was successfully done. From start to aftercare he has continually impressed me. I have received countless comments on my appearance. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone for a similar procedure.”
—Laurie Mora, Longmont, CO

“Thank you for my beautiful smile, you are the Best”
—Patty, Lousiville, Co

“Can’t tell you how very much I appreciate your dental expertise on my tooth!! Seems like it is going to be great for a long time. Thank you so much for your kindness. Blessings.”
—Marge, Colorado

“Everyone was very welcoming from the moment I opened the door. I appreciated being able to actually see the pictures of the conditions of my teeth. I came for Dr. West’s professional opinion and he did a nice job giving me my options of care. The office personnel all seemed to work as a team and everyone I encountered was very pleasant and helpful. thank you”
—Madonna, Colorado

“Everyone at your office is great and friendly! And your dental work is excellent.”
—Kyra, Colorado

“Thought I never look forward to getting my mouth shot up, drilled and otherwise abused, I do enjoy talking with everyone at the Dental office. All of you have continued to treat us like friends and not just patients.”
—David, Erie Colorado

“The sedation dentistry was perfect for me. I’m sure I was either asleep or nearly asleep there for the entire procedure. It makes going to the dentist much easier. Thanks”
—Thom, Colorado

“What’s not to like? Everybody in the office is friendly and helpful. There is an obvious effort to make the procedures as comfortable as possible. Jenna and Dr. West are personable, caring, and exceedingly talented. I experience much less anxiety visiting your office compared to dentist I have used in the past. Thanks!”
—Jim, Colorado

“Dr West and his friendly, courteous, and professional staff make going to the dentist a pleasure rather than the chore we may be used to from other dentists. I have referred co-workers and everyone is pleased with the care and results. It is clear Dr West is passionate about good, cost effective dental health and his entire team embraces this mindset.”
—John, Denver

“Just switched to Dr. West and so far he and his staff have exceeded my expectations. Everyone is sincerely friendly. I’m in and out with no waiting around. And Dr. West is thorough in explaining any issues, giving me options and detailing what each procedure will mean in the future. It’s refreshing to find a total professional again. This is what I’ve been looking for and why my wife is now using his services. Thanks.”
—Chris, Colorado

“From the very first phone call I made to the office, I felt welcome and important. The entire staff is dedicated to making the patients feel like they belong there. I never felt like I was rushed or hurried at my appointments. They take the time to explain things to you, address any questions or concerns that you have, and really treat you like you are a person instead of a number. Going to the dentist is not always the most pleasant experience, but Dr. West and his staff go out of their way to put you at ease. I have never been so pleased with a dentist’s office as I am with this one. Thank you!”
—Sara, Colorado

“I would love to talk about my experience with Dr. Gordon West, and his exceptional staff. However I could be here all day with compliments! I am a 40 year old disabled woman with an extreme anxiety disorder. Even the thought of going to the dentist would give me horrible panic attacks,a deep sense of dread, and intense fear. This would not be the case if you go to see Dr. Gordon West. He sets your mind at ease. He’s simply the best out there!! I had endless horrible trauma’s, while sitting in other dentists chairs. I didn’t expect to be treated with so much care, respect, and positive words from Dr. West, and his very experienced staff. Dr. Gordon West gave me great news! He told me that he could save all my teeth, and put in implants!! I could have my smile again!! A smile that I lost years ago!! Every tooth had been damage due to medications for the anxiety, and I suffer with acid reflux disease which caused more decay. I was a hopeless case to other dentists, but not to Dr. West. I went in without any faith or hope. I left in tears full of hope, and full of faith. Dr. Gordon gave me the hope that I had lost. Thank you Dr. West, and your incredible staff. I am full of endless gratitude! Sincerely, Denise”
—Denise, Colorado

“Dr. West and his staff are always very professional and courteous. They really listen to me and take time to understand my concerns and answer all my questions. I feel very comfortable going to Dr. West, they always do a great job!”
—Chip, Colorado

“Dr. West and his staff are the best in the business. They make our family comfortable while providing the best information and care to patients. The fact that Dr. West is always updating his knowledge of materials and techniques is good for our care, and it makes interesting conversation to those technophiles amongst us. We refer everyone we know to Dr. West, as he has shown us simple remedies to issues that other dentists have made into a dramatic and invasive affairs.There is almost no way to discribe a situation where you miss visiting Dr. West and his staff way before your next visit.”
—Dean, Colorado

“Dr. West is a friendly dentist with whom it is easy to converse. He is a good listener and answers questions knowledgebly. In my case there were several options. Dr. West took the time to thoroughly explore them and explained the pros and cons of each option. From a dental and financial point of view, I knew what to expect and was comfortable with the procedure before he started. I’ve had lots of experience with dentist and can tell if the Dr. is compentent and confident. Dr West’s work on my teeth was smooth, quick and painless. A good dentist can be hard to find. If you’ve ever been to a cut-rate dental shop, you know how they think time is money. You’ll appreciate the professionalsim of Dr. West and his staff.”
—Lynn, Colorado

“My wife and I have been patients of Dr. West for 10 years. In addition to the normal dental visits, we both have had some unique dental problems. In every case, Dr. West and his staff have provided excellent and timely care. We both recommend Dr. West to other potential patients.”
—Greg, Boulder Co.

“Very professional team, they offer a complete dental care approach with state of the art analyisis. Very comfortable office environment. I always recommend Gordon West’s dentistry to all my friends and family.”
—A.J. Colorado

“Both my wife and I would like to thank Dr. West and his staff for the caring and professional work attitudes they express. As for the dental work itself, it was beyond anything my wife expected in the nature of a natural look and smile with new dentures and implants! Such wonderful expertise! As for myself, I am more than pleased with the dental skills provided with the latest techniques and procedures for root canal and gum tissue restructure. Dr. West eliminated the need for me to see a specialist as he was more than able to do the procedure himself. Again, our sincere thanks. PS – Dr. West is a gooood golfer!!”
—Lloyd, Erie Colorado

“I just wanted to take the time to mention how professional Dr. West and his amazing staff are. I am one of many people who is very afraid of the dentist experience. Not only did they make me feel incredibly welcome to the practice, everyone went out of their way to make my experience comfortable. Every step of the way this staff continues to provide an excellent dental experience, from the first phone call to every follow up. Each visit Dr West goes out of his way to explain in great detail, all of my options and actually listens to my concerns as well. Dr West is one of the most genuine and caring practioners I have ever met. He also hires the same genuine and caring staff. I highly recommend Dr Gordon West. Thanks to all of you for caring so much about me.”
—Donna, Colorado

“How many people can say they actually “enjoy” going to the dentist? Well I can!! How many people can say they’re happy with all the dental work they have had done? I can!! Dr. Gordon West and his staff make every trip to the dentist chair a pleasurable one. From routine cleanings and preventative care to major restorations I have had them all and in my opinion nobody does it better than Gordon and his team. Everybody is pleasant and friendly but more importantly they are highly skilled and good at what they do. They all take great pride in their work and make sure the patient is their number one priority. I highly recommend Dr West to take care of all your dental needs.”
—Brian, Superior Co

“Nikki is wonderful, she was so helpful and stayed up until the last minute to help me sort out things with Care Credit. The dental assistant (Jenna, I think) was fabulous as well and very polite and made me feel very welcome. And of course, Dr. West was amazing and I am excited to get all of dental work complete and out of the way with his help and sedation :)”
—Megan, Colorado

“Dear Dr. West and staff, Thank you for your prompt care and perfect work. You are as much an artist as you are a dentist. I appreciate all that you do for me.”
—Phyllis, Colorado

“This was a fabulous experience for me. I am a true dental-phobe and everyone I encountered in the office was understanding of my situation and made me feel very comfortable and thankful that I re-initiated routine dental care. Your office is staffed with true professionals who make what for some is a terrifying experience a pleasure. Great work — thank you!”
—Tracey, Lafayette Co

“I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for all of your help and care today and your great, impeccable service by squeezing me in to a schedule that I know was a busy as a hornet’s nest. Had it been another set of dentists, I know I would have been “S&&& Out Of Luck” and would have been told the next opening is sometime in August and to use clove oil for 6 months! In all seriousness, I was in some pretty severe pain and to think that I e- mailed Dr. West late last night and less than 24 hours later, I have had a full dental screening, cleaning, and surgery in less than 24 hours, is pretty darn special treatment indeed. Both of you make a peasant like me feel like a king for a day!! I will be sore for a few days but to have that compression and throbbing pain removed is like having a nasty splinter removed from a throbbing toe. When I first saw the both of you 8 years ago, I had more dental problems than some speed freak with “meth mouth.” But I am proud to say that this is the first dental problem I have had in almost 5 years with all the magic the both of you did, and have tried diligently to honor your work by taking tenacious care of my teeth. I was glad to hear that Dr. Wood said my infection was nothing I could have prevented, even with my flossing, waterpicking, and wearing my night guard every night. Professionally, I have got nothing but wonderful care from the both of you and it is a nice feeling to have two great professionals who obviously love their craft and to be able for a patient to completely trust and have total confidence in. Both of you are rare individuals and I have never taken it for granted, hence the reason I have never sought out other dentists in my area and have made the drive down from Loveland. On a personal level, both of you guys are class acts and you both are gentlemen I would seek out at the 19th hole after a round for a few adult beverages and a few laughs. Dr. West, thank you so much for taking the time and care to get back to me so soon and arrange all of this last minute. You are awesome my man and take care of those little angels of yours…(Man, I can’t believe how big they are getting already…I saw your pix on your web page.) I really appreciate it especially because as I mentioned, I am very uncomfortable with calling and bothering you after hours when you have so very little private family time. I did not want to intrude and I guess my consideration was rewarded as I got your e mail first thing this morning. Dr. Wood, thank you so much for performing that surgery last minute as well. I am glad you were able to find and diagnose what was causing that pain because all all I saw on the X-Ray was grey and white. Have a safe trip to Columbus and don’t trade any root canals for tattoos like Terrelle Pryor did for the Buckeys, OK? I don’t want the ADA to have to open a NCAA type of investigation on you as I need to see you again in two weeks to get my stitches removed 🙂 Thanks to you both once again. Your Friend and Patient,”

“I am one of your patients who had to move to California recently. I just had my first exam and the new dentist said my dental work was “phenomenal” and that he would be “proud to have that in my mouth”. All the fillings are still in good shape, but If I did need something done I would seriously think about flying back to Colorado!”