Is A Tooth Implant The Same As A Dental Crown?

tooth implants and crowns

What’s the difference between a tooth implant and a crown? The relationship between a dental implant and a crown can be confusing. They can be combined in one procedure. And both can be used with other dental restorations.

Let’s clear up the confusion.

1. A tooth implant can serve as a foundation for a crown.

A complete tooth implant/crown procedure incorporates a strong metal post (artificial root), abutment (connecting piece), and a beautiful crown. 

2. A crown can be used to protect a weakened tooth.

Removing decay weakens the tooth. Once the decay is removed, a filling may not be enough to restore necessary strength. Likewise, after a root canal procedure, the remaining tooth may need strengthening. A crown may be used in both of these conditions. A durable dental crown protects the remaining tooth, allows normal function, and prevents shifting of the surrounding teeth 

3. A crown can be attached to a dental bridge.

When a tooth has been taken out, a dental bridge may be used to restore part of it. The reason we say ‘part’ is because a dental bridge does not restore the root of the tooth. A crown can be fitted to a dental bridge to restore the visible part of the missing tooth. A dental bridge used to replace one tooth requires the removal of tooth structure from adjacent teeth. With a bridge, it commands three crowns to replace one missing tooth! 

Do you think there can be troubles with this type of restoration? You are correct. A dental implant makes much more sense for most patients. Talk to for more information about why this is true.

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