Overcome Dental Phobia And Achieve A Beautiful Smile

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Are you interested in getting a permanent tooth implant but have dental anxiety? Perhaps “anxiety” is putting it mildly. You may be downright terrified.

Don’t give up just yet. Hear us out.

Placing a dental implant is a type of oral surgery. When patients hear the word “surgery” they sometimes imagine something that is far more severe than the reality. 

Many men and women who have had a permanent dental implant report that it was no more uncomfortable than getting a cavity filled. 

At , patient comfort is our top priority. Don’t let fear keep you from getting a tooth implant. At , we have helped many nervous patients undergo treatment with no troubles. 

How do we calm your fears and gain your trust?

During the initial exam and consultation, explains the various options and the recommended treatment plan. We will answer all of your questions and take all the time you need.

This includes a discussion about pain control. We offer several different types of pain control techniques. These include localized injections, nitrous oxide, and conscious sedation. These methods are used in combination.

If you have trouble getting numb or know that injected numbing agents wear off quickly, we will tailor our sedation plan to account for these issues. 

provides pain-free implant placement. Dental treatment will not begin until you are numb and the sedation medication has taken effect. 

At , we never rush dental procedures. If you start to feel discomfort, let us know right away by raising your hand. We will immediately pause, administer additional medication and wait until it takes effect. If you choose IV sedation, you will be completely out and have no memory of the treatment when you regain consciousness.

You can overcome dental fears and improve your smile with beautiful dental implants.

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