Captivate Audiences In Colorado Once Again

porcelain veneers cost Boulder

Hello Lafayette! Remember when being a toothless five-year-old captivated friends and family? When a lisp was considered precious and endearing? Doesn’t really work for adults in the Boulder area. Toothless smiles are embarrassing and lisps can make you self-conscious.

But your days of capturing delighted looks and commanding a conversation may not be gone forever – even if you have missing teeth. Don’t keep your Lafayette fans waiting any longer. It is time to find out what can be done to fill in those gaps and restore what you reveled in as a child – your dazzling smile and a healthy self-image. Calling our Lafayette office is the first step out of the wings and onto the stage of a new life.


If you are missing teeth, have unbecoming gaps or are just not satisfied with your smile’s current state, the talented group at Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Lafayette look forward to offering you the answers to all your critical smile makeover, dental restorations, and cosmetic dentistry questions. The cost of cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers in Lafayette isn’t always easy to figure out. A simple consultation will bring not only clarity but hope that possibilities for sedation dentistry, prepless veneers, or dental crowns are well within your reach. Dr. Gordon West is ready to end your stage fright and restore confidence at this stage in your life. We know we can’t stay children forever but don’t despair, YOU can still be captivating!

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“Brush Up On Your Cavity Basics, Boulder”

Brush Up On Your Cavity Basics With Your Lafayette, CO Dentist

Residents of Boulder and Lafayette use the word ‘cavity’ often when discussing oral health practices. Along with teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, cavities are a hot topic.

At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry we think it’s great that people in the Boulder area are so conscious of their teeth, and we feel that having a greater understanding of exactly what a cavity is will help them take better care of their pearly whites.

Cavities can also be called caries or tooth decay. When a tooth is permanently damaged on the hard surface, tiny openings occur. These little holes are cavities. Different factors that contribute to tooth decay are:

Frequent eating
Consuming sugary beverages
Oral bacteria
Insufficient tooth brushing and flossing

Cavities may get so bad that you will see pits or holes in your teeth, but symptoms may be more subtle, such as sensitivity, pain when biting, or a toothache. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should call your Boulder, Boulder County, or Lafayette, CO dentist today for an appointment.

If you are in the market for quality dental care in the Lafayette area, give Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry a call. We have been treating dental patients in and around Boulder since 1998. We can also answer any questions you have about cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and dental implants.

We hope to hear from you soon!

4 Teeth All In A Row For Colorado

Boulder County Cosmetic Dental Sevices

Perhaps getting everything lined up for a breathtaking smile can take a bit of finagling. Maybe you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry. At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry, Dr. Gordon West is commonly seen working miracles on all types of smiles.

Just the unknown cost of dental implants or the price of invisible braces can paralyze a person from making the move to improve. Ask us about these and the price of dental restorations in general. Call today for a consultation and discussion about restoring your genuine smile of confidence. We’ll plan with you and recommend the best and most easy path forward.

Here are 4 ways to get all your ducks (or teeth) in a row for your new smile:

Tooth #1 The Two Front Teeth
Knowing how to get to us will be essential. Find our own “two front doors” at Lafayette, Colorado zip code 80026. Jot it down; put it in your phone or GPS; do whatever you have to do. Especially if you’re out in Boulder. We look forward to seeing our patients coming from the Lafayette, CO, Boulder, and Boulder County areas.

Tooth #2 The Wisdom Tooth
Do a little research. Image search for before and after smiles and see what’s possible. A little wisdom will go a long way. But, no worries, we’ll take care of educating you about the possibilities if the research is out of your reach. We want our patients wise about the care they can receive.

Tooth #3 The Canine Tooth
Rest assured you are not barking up the wrong tree. Just as a sampling, we offer these services: prepless veneers, sedation dentistry, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and dental implants. It’s likely we are just who you need. We’re looking to provide dental implants, call us today.

Tooth #4 The Sweet Tooth
Talking with our sweet and state-of-the-art dental care in a comfortable environment staff will be a superb experience. Let them set you up. 720-862-3630

With all your teeth in a row you are prepared! We hope you’ll select our practice, Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry. See you soon.

Gordon West
Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry
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Don’t Like Your Teeth? 5 Great Reasons To Get A Smile Makeover!

Reasons For Boulder County To Get A Cosmetic Dental Smile Makeover!

Hello Boulder! When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? If the answer is, ‘Not really,’ then you may want to consider these 5 reasons for people in Boulder to make some small improvements or undergo a complete smile re-design.

5. A little goes a long way. Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening and tooth-colored fillings are simple but have dramatic results.

4. It’s more affordable than you think. Speak with your Boulder, Boulder County, or Lafayette, CO cosmetic dentist and I am willing to bet that you’ll be surprised at the prices (in a good way!).

3. Your dentist will keep you comfortable. Many people worry that the procedures are painful, but dentists in the Boulder area can help you stay relaxed and free from discomfort whether you’re getting tooth-colored fillings, dental implants, veneers, or a complete smile makeover. Ask your dentist about oral sedation.

2. You will look and feel younger!

1. Regardless of your dental problems, chances are, your dentist can help you. Some Lafayette, CO residents believe they have to live with stained, chipped, cracked, crooked, or missing teeth, but today’s dentists have the tools and procedures to fix all of these dental problems and more.

If you are in the Boulder area and are looking for a dentist, I would love to serve you. My name is Dr. Gordon West. I have been practicing quality dentistry in a Lafayette, Colorado since 1998. Please call 720-862-3630 for an appointment.

Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry offers the following services:

porcelain veneers
dental implants
prepless veneers
dental crowns

And more! Call today!

Dr. Gordon West
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Tooth Knocked Out? Call Us ASAP!

Tooth Kocked Out, Let Your Dentist Near Lafayette, CO

It may sound like a catastrophe to many Boulder area dental patients, but having a tooth knocked out doesn’t always mean you’ll need cosmetic dentistry to fix your smile. If you can keep a cool head and remember a few simple instructions, chances are your tooth can be salvaged.

The most important things for Lafayette residents to do if they’ve had a tooth knocked out is to find the tooth, handle it carefully and keep it in the best condition possible so their Boulder area dentist can reinsert it properly.

Do not handle the tooth by the root, be careful to only touch the crown. It’s okay to gently rinse the tooth in water, but don’t scrub it or remove any tissue fragments from the tooth.

If it is possible, the best place for the tooth to be held is back in the socket (placed there gently, of course). Holding the tooth between the lip and gum or under the tongue is good too, just be careful not to swallow. If neither of these is an option, place the tooth in a cup of milk.

Next, you’ll want to get to your Longmont, Louisville, or Broomfield dentist as soon as possible. Most teeth that can be reinserted by a dentist within an hour can be saved.

I’m dentist Gordon West a cosmetic and general dentist in Lafayette. If you are looking for quality dental care in the Longmont, Louisville, or Broomfield area, I hope you’ll give us a call at 720-862-3630. We offer porcelain veneers, dental implants, prepless veneers, complete smile makeovers, and dental crowns.

Call us at 720-862-3630 immediately if you have a dental emergency such as the one discussed above.

dentist Gordon West
Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry
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“Call Teeth What You Will, Just Keep Them Healthy, Boulder!”

Boulder County Top Cosmetic dentist

Chompers. Pearly Whites. Dents. Gnashers. Grill. Here in Lafayette, Colorado we have a lot of fun ways to refer to our teeth. And while you can switch up what you call them, you should never switch up a well-engrained oral health routine.

Making time in your busy Boulder or Boulder County day to brush and floss is a habit that will pay off throughout your life. You’ll prevent tooth decay, plaque, and gum disease, not to mention bad breath (something friends, family, and coworkers will also appreciate).

Speaking of pearly whites, following basic dental health advice from your Boulder area dentist will help keep your teeth looking their best as well. If you’re interested in a smile makeover, your dentist can tell you about procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and dental implants.

Hi, I’m Dr. Gordon West, a dentist serving the greater Lafayette area since 1998. I am passionate about helping my patients have the healthiest, most beautiful smiles possible. Here at Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry our services include:

porcelain veneers
dental implants
prepless veneers
dental crowns
sedation dentistry

If you are in the Boulder, Boulder County, or Lafayette, CO area and are looking for a dentist, give us a call here at 720-862-3630. A member of our state-of-the-art dental care in a comfortable environment staff can help you schedule an appointment for a cleaning and check-up and also answer questions you may have about teeth whitening in Lafayette and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Contact us today!

5 Smile Makeover Questions For Boulder

Smile Makeovers At Your Boulder Cosmetic Dentist

If you are considering a multi-procedure smile makeover or extensive restorative dental work, here are four considerations:

All At Once Or Over Time?
At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry, our smile makeover patients can often receive several (or all) procedures in one visit. It all depends on the specific procedures necessary to achieve your perfect smile. Dr. Gordon West develops a unique treatment plan for each patient after an extensive consultation.

Oral Sedation?
Many cosmetic dental patients in Boulder benefit from sedation dentistry. Conscious sedation is especially helpful for procedures such as multiple wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placement.

We know that cosmetic dentistry is a substantial investment for most Boulder folks. Some procedures are covered by dental plans, so if you have dental insurance, be sure to find out exactly what is covered. Many Lafayette, CO residents use flex spending accounts for dental work and reap the tax advantages. Call us at 720-862-3630 to discuss dental financing options.

Healing Time?
With the latest materials and cosmetic dental techniques, healing times are often minimal. However, some treatments such as bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, root canals, and dental implants often require a short healing period. Consider how the timing of your dental visits and the associated healing periods will affect your job and family responsibilities.

Aesthetic Results?
At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Lafayette, CO, our patients experience terrific results when doing smile transformations in phases, however, porcelain restorations are best fabricated in the same “batch” for the most precise color matching.

Call Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry today at 720-862-3630 to schedule a no-pressure cosmetic dental consultation.

Smokeless Is Not Harmless For Boulder County Tobacco Chewers

Dont Risk Gum Disease And Oral Cancer In Boulder CountyHello Boulder County dental friends. Today’s topic is ‘The Dangers Of Smokeless Tobacco’.

Cigarette sales at most stores have decreased in the past decade, but some Boulder County tobacco consumers have switched to smokeless products.

There is a common misconception in the Boulder area (especially among teens) that smokeless tobacco is harmless. This is absolutely not true. Regardless of the specific type: spit tobacco, snuff, chew, or pinch, this form of tobacco is as deadly as conventional cigarettes.

At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry, we encounter serious consequences of smokeless tobacco use because many occur in the mouth. Oral cancer, mouth lesions, gum disease and tooth decay are the most common dental problems caused by smokeless tobacco in Colorado.

Keeping a pinch between your cheek and gum all day is worse than keeping an all-day sucker. The tobacco contains almost as much sugar as the candy but delivers harmful chemicals as an added bonus. The dangers are two-fold: the tobacco erodes the teeth and also causes the gums to pull away from teeth.

Precancerous Mouth Lesion Screening: Mouth Lesions are painful sores that could eventually become cancer. If smokeless tobacco use is stopped, the lesions often disappear within a year for cosmetic dentistry patients.

Oral Cancer: Smokeless tobacco use in Boulder County increases the risk for several types of life-threatening cancers including those of the mouth, gums, lips, tongue, and throat.

Oral cancers can be as deadly as lung cancer and usually require surgery. If the patient is fortunate and the cancer is successfully removed with surgery, the collateral damage to the face, neck, or jaw is not pretty.

These are the main dental risks of smokeless tobacco. I should also mention two other biggies: addiction and heart disease, though those are topics for another day.

At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Lafayette, CO, we perform oral cancer screenings and mouth lesions examinations. To schedule an appointment, call 720-862-3630. If you have lost teeth, talk to us about dental implants.

If want to quit using smokeless tobacco products, we recommend that you consult Dr. West at Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry, your primary care doctor, or your pharmacist.

Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry

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It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Time To Beautify Your Smile, Boulder

Cosmetic Dentistry for Boulder Area Patients

Are you a busy Lafayette resident who can’t find the time to improve your smile? My name is Dr. Gordon West and my staff and I at Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry believe finding the time to restore missing, cracked, or discolored teeth is the most important thing you can do with your time.

You may think that hiding your smile as you zip around zip area 80026 running errands or dropping kids off will make your dental problems disappear. Think again. At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry we have been treating the residents of the Boulder area since 1998 and have seen the results of neglected teeth and gums. Don’t let your smile deteriorate any longer, call me today at 720-862-3630 to begin restoring your smile.

One of our specialties at Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry is dental implants. Whether you have damaged or lost your tooth due to injury or periodontal disease, we have custom treatment plans to restore it. Our happy dental implant patients in Boulder have discovered that implants look and feel like their own teeth.

Dental implants are great for producing a foundation for dentures, supporting a bridge, or replacing a damaged tooth without disturbing the surrounding teeth. Since dental implants interface into the anatomy of your jaw they help reduce bone loss and gum recession.

My staff and I at Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry would love to have a consultation and develop a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatment plan for you. Your smile is our number one priority, make it yours as well and you will be healthier and happier.

We provide advanced general and cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, porcelain veneers and prepless veneers.

Sedation Dentistry In Boulder County For Kids And Parents

Sedation Dentistry Boulder County

At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry we know that many Boulder County children fear going to the cosmetic dentist. I am Dr. Gordon West and my staff and I at Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry want to make your child’s first visit to my Boulder County practice a positive experience. Regular dental check-ups from toddler age are an essential part of oral hygiene.

Parents can follow these guidelines to help prepare their child for a dental visit.

1. Talk about the exam with your child. Answer any questions with uncomplicated answers.
2. Don’t share your bad dental experiences with your child.
3. Don’t imply that the exam will be painful.
4. Help your child understand that this is an important part of staying healthy.
5. Don’t offer a reward for visiting the dentist.

It is important for parents to make sure they aren’t anxious about Boulder County dental visits because children can sense their stress.

At Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry we have been treating children and adults since 1998. Our professional, friendly staff can calm the nerves of a fearful child and help them have a gentle dental experience.

If you or your Boulder County child has had a bad dental experience or is unable to stay calm while visiting the dentist, ask us about sedation dentistry. We want all of our patients to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving excellent dental care.

For simple dental procedures topical anesthetics are applied to the gums and other tissues reducing oral sensation. If you require more sedation, nitrous oxide and general anesthesia are safe solutions.

Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry also offers complete smile makeovers which may include dental implants, teeth whitening, dental veneers, or any other cosmetic dental procedures required. All of these can be done with some type of sedation if required.

Don’t let your fears or your child’s fears keep your child from having a beautiful, healthy smile. Contact Gordon West DDS, Cosmetic & General Dentistry today!