Periodontal Disease in Boulder County

Periodontal Disease Boulder County

Periodontal disease in Boulder County is more common than you might think, and can be cured with varying degrees of treatment depending on the severity. What is periodontal disease? According to this article on Wikipedia, periodontal disease is ‘the name of a collection of inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth.’…

Does My Boulder County Dentist Treat Bad Breath?

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Cure Bad Breath In Longmont

When my Boulder County dental clients ask me if mouthwash cures bad breath, I tell them that treating bad breath with a mouthwash is like drenching yourself with cologne instead of taking a shower. Mouthwash is only a temporary mask for odor caused by poor oral hygiene, tongue bacteria, or digestive problems. The best-selling mouthwashes…

Keep Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

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Dental Cleanings During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, your oral health may be the last thing on your mind. However, many Lafayette women experience an increase in dental problems during pregnancy. This article contains important information for expectant Lafayette mothers and those planning to become pregnant. Dr. Gordon West recommends having a thorough dental cleaning early in your pregnancy.…