What Do You Do If You Get Something Stuck Between Your Teeth?

what to do if something is stuck between your teeth Lafayette

Ever get something stuck between your teeth? Of course you have; who hasn’t? At best, something stuck between your teeth is  bothersome, especially if it takes a long time to remove it. At worst it is painful, and requires professional attention, like what we provide at Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO.

Some people have narrow, tight spaces between their teeth. They seem more susceptible to getting things wedged in there. It can cause pressure and discomfort, and even pain.

Here are some tips to dislodge what you have stuck between your teeth.

  • The first tip is what not to do. It may be tempting, and may even seem like a good idea. But never use a sharp object on something stuck between your teeth. Repeat, never, not even a toothpick. You may damage your gums or teeth.

Here is what you should try:

  • Rinse your mouth out vigorously. Use lukewarm saltwater. You may need to repeat several times, but this is often enough to loosen whatever is stuck.
  • Dental floss. Dental floss, especially waxed, is excellent for getting things from between teeth. Waxed floss slides easily into tight spaces. If it won’t go in, do not force it.
  • Tie a tiny knot into the floss, to snag the object and free it. But again, never force things.
  • Floss picks with tight strands of floss.

If none of this works, give us a call. At Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO we offer emergency dentistry, and will see you as soon as possible. People throughout Boulder, Louisville, and Broomfield also come to us for dental implants, and much more. Schedule an appointment today!

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