Are Senior Citizens Eligible for Dental Implants?

Many seniors question whether they are eligible for dental implant therapy and whether they can afford it. The good news is that almost anyone, including seniors, can get dental implants – and it’s cheap!

Dentures vs. Dental Implants for Senior Citizens

Many patients over the age of 65 have dentures. They can often be uncomfortable and do not provide a strong tooth structure for chewing healthy foods and maintaining a balanced diet. Patients need to change their prostheses more often, which can become more expensive over time.

Dental implants are often a better and more robust solution for many elderly patients. People live longer and healthier than ever before and having strong teeth is an important part of our quality of life. With the modern technology we use, we can create permanent dental implants so that you have a natural look and feel.

Am I Too Old for Dental Implants?

Many elderly patients fear that they are too old for dental implant therapy. In many cases, they have done a lot of dental work that has failed, and they fear that they do not have enough left to get strong dental implants.

Many patients have been told that they can’t have stable, natural-looking, and feeling implants and they have given up hope. In most cases, they can find a solution to get to a healthier, happier place.  It’s important to come in for a full evaluation and consultation to discuss your dental implant options.

Affordable Dental Implants for Seniors

If you’re a senior with failing teeth, you’re no stranger to dental costs. Sometimes a shorter-term option like dentures can be less expensive right away; however, when you look at the costs of replacement over just a few years, a more permanent stable solution can be more cost-effective in the longer term. Strong dental implants can help you keep a healthier mouth overall and avoid dental complications and associated costs of them.

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