Looking For The Top Orthodontist In Lafayette?

top orthodontist Lafayette

Hello friends! Welcome to our blog. This site is for our fantastic patients and anyone looking for exceptional orthodontic care in Lafayette.

When a new patient comes in for an orthodontic consultation, we do a thorough exam and evaluation.

At the same time, we encourage prospective patients to thoroughly evaluate Boulder County Smiles.

We Evaluate Your Orthodontic Needs, You Evaluate Our Practice

If you aren’t yet a patient, we invite you to come meet our team.

Let’s discuss:

  • Dr. West’s skills and experience
  • The variety of orthodontic services we provide at Boulder County Smiles
  • Before and after photos of our orthodontic patients
  • All the extras that make your visits pleasant and comfortable
  • Our ability to explain the vital technical details of procedures

Fair enough? Dr. West will evaluate your orthodontic goals. You can consider everything about our Lafayette dental practice.

We have been providing orthodontic care since 1998. We offer sedation dentistry, prepless veneers, and dental crowns. We serve patients in Lafayette and the Boulder area.

We are sure you will like what you find.


Contact Boulder County Smiles:


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1140 W South Boulder Rd Ste 201
Lafayette, Colorado


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