Toothbrush Tantrums: When Your Child Won’t Brush

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Children’s dental experts generally recommend that parents brush their kids’ teeth until they’re around seven years old. That’s about the time most kids begin to assert their independence, so it’s a good time for them to take over. But sometimes kids get stubborn about brushing. Then what? Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette has some tips.

Ideally, children should brush their teeth twice a day. Setting the right example can make a big difference. Let your kids know how important good dental health is, and make sure they see you brush and floss without fail.

Here are some other tips that are tried and true:

  • Make it fun. Try singing some of your children’s favorite songs as they brush, or even do a silly dance. Make it special, something reserved for brushing.
  • Choices. Like we said, issues can arise as children begin to assert their independence. Get them more involved by letting them choose the toothbrush and toothpaste they want to use. Make sure their choice has the American Dental Association label on it – and let them know why that label important.
  • Be positive. This tip is one of the most important. If your child digs in her heels and won’t brush, don’t issue any ultimatums. It’s okay to let brushing go now and then. It’s a good time to emphasize how important good dental health is, but don’t make it negative. A small reward, like staying up a little later on Friday night or control of the TV remote, can help.

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