How Do You Choose a Dental Practice For a Dental Implant?

implant dentist LafayetteThis article from Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO is for people who have decided to replace a missing tooth with an implant. Great choice!

Now you need to choose a dental implant dentist to execute the procedure.

This is a key decision. A dental implant is permanent. It involves oral surgery. It requires a significant financial investment. Making a bad choice of provider can lower your chances for success.

Here are the vital factors to examine:


  • How many years has the dentist been performing implants?
  • How many tooth implants has he/she done?
  • How many years has the dentist been practicing dentistry?

Patient Reviews

Online reviews are a great resource. Former patients not only give a star rating, some of them share details about their experience. Check out the reviews for any dentist you are contemplating. Visit multiple online platforms.

Office Atmosphere

A modern dental practice with the latest technology helps ensure a successful outcome. When you visit the office, ask about their patient amenities. Observe the cleanliness of the office and friendliness of the team.

What About Price?

You may wonder why we didn’t list price as one of the factors. This was intentional. Choosing an implant dentist by price alone is a bad idea. Most implant dentists’ prices are comparable.

A complete dental implant consists of a titanium post (the actual implant), abutment (connecting piece) and crown (or denture). (Some implant-only clinics advertise the price for the post alone. This is misleading.)

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