What’s the Best Way to Fix Teeth that Overlap?

how to fix overlapping teeth Lafayette

A lot of people have teeth that overlap. Orthodontics from Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO can correct it.

Overlapping teeth are usually caused by genetics, or habits as a child such as thumbsucking. They can also be caused by the mouth being too small to fit all the teeth effectively, or having different sized upper and lower jaws. Injury to the face or jaw can knock the upper and lower jaw out of alignment. In some cases, missing teeth or extra teeth (such as wisdom teeth) can bring about an overlap.

When does it become important to correct overlapping teeth?

  • If the overlapping teeth cause a lisp
  • If chewing or speaking is difficult
  • If the alignment problem results in jaw pain
  • If tooth grinding or clenching becomes a habit
  • If biting the inner cheeks becomes a habit

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