Clear Aligners: Almost Invisible

Clear braces are an increasingly popular option in orthodontics. They produce excellent results, but are so discreet that some people call them invisible. At Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO, we offer MTM clear braces.

Unlike traditional metal braces, clear braces have no wires, brackets or rubber bands. They are so subtle that people standing just a few feet away from you may not realize you’re wearing them.

They look a lot like an athlete’s mouth guard. The proper term for this style of braces is “aligner.” They are a customized series of trays made of clear plastic that are worn over your teeth. After about two weeks, you receive the next in the series. And in as little as a year’s time, your teeth are brought into alignment.

One of the things that people like best about clear braces is that they are removable. You can take them out at mealtime, and when you brush your teeth at night. You should wear them while you sleep, however. For the best results it’s recommended they be worn for at least twenty-two hours each day.

At Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO, we offer MTM clear braces. To find out whether they are right for you, schedule a consultation. We also offer dental implants, and general and family dentistry. Make an appointment with us today.

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