Implant Dentures: Fixed Or Removable?

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Now, denture wearers have an amazing new tooth replacement option. Implant-retained or implant-stabilized dentures both provide numerous advantages over traditional dentures. Secure in the mouth—no slipping Offers up to 100% natural chewing function Upper denture doesn’t cover as much of the palate Comfortable Little or no gum irritation Doesn’t inhibit speaking power Strong and durable…

How to Kick a Tooth Grinding Habit

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Plenty of people all over the world suffer from the habit of grinding their teeth. Some individuals grind their teeth because they are stressed, some people grind their teeth as a coping mechanism, and some men and women grind their teeth in their sleep without realizing it. Don’t Ignore Teeth Grinding Grinding of the teeth, clenching…

The 411 on TMJ

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TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint, which is your jaw. As a hinge joint it can move up and down, forward and backward, and side to side. All that mobility contributes to its vulnerability: the jaw joint is subject to a painful condition called TMJ disorder, which is treatable at Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette…

Suffering From Jaw Pain?

At Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO, our areas of expertise go beyond the teeth and gums. In this blog post, we are going to discuss jaw pain, and TMJ/TMD treatment. The human jaw is a complex joint, and sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of pain that is centered there. The upper jaw, of…

Gritting Your Teeth: Stress And Your Smile

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Doctors have been telling us for years that stress can increase the risk of everything from high blood pressure to depression. But how often do we think about how stress affects our smile? In this post from Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO, here are some dental problems linked to stress. Canker and Cold Sores…

Attack Of The Gummi Bear

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Here at the Lafayette dental blog, we never like to be the bearers of bad news, but we are passionate about our patients’ oral health. So, today we offer a key warning about a lesser-known danger of sticky candy.