How Tooth Grinding Can Damage Your Smile

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Teeth grinding is common in people of all ages. Known formally as bruxism, it’s when someone clenches their jaw or rubs their teeth together. It often happens during sleep, and can be very damaging to teeth. It’s one of the things we look for during checkups at Boulder County Smiles in Lafayette CO.

Teeth grinding can affect children and adults. Some people grind their teeth when they are going through periods of stress. For others it becomes a habit. It may be a sign of a condition called TMJ/TMD, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder.

No matter the cause, teeth grinding can be damaging to your smile and have a long-term influence on physical and mental health.

The most direct treatment for bruxism is the use of what is called a night splint, or night guard. It’s a type of mouthguard worn during sleep to provide a cushion for the teeth, and prevent damage from grinding. Relaxation techniques are also known to be effective.

If you think you grind your teeth, talk to us at Boulder County Smiles. Our services include TMJ/TMD treatment, and we’ve helped people from all over Boulder, Louisville, and Broomfield. We also offer complete general and family dentistry. Schedule an appointment today!

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